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KIC Camp is coming again! September 27-29th 2019. Click here to register! Fun and learning together!

Have you ever wondered if Satan prefers one sport over another? I have and, based on an understanding of scripture, I think Satan loves fishing! Yes, fishing! Let me explain why I drew this conclusion.

At the Q&A session last Sunday the question was asked: Where did Cain get enough people to start a city (Genesis 4:17)? Many questions like this arise partly due to the way time is represented in the bible. Often an …

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Listen to this interview with Thayil on our local Christian radio station 94.1.

Keiraville International Church popularly known as “kic” loves meeting each other, in small gatherings as well as with the larger community gatherings. We believe that these are great opportunities for us to grow and serve as a family. We love …

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